The Virgo Man: His Character and Personality

Virgo, is the only sign in the whole zodiac, which is represented by the woman, so she is always in search of perfection, she criticizes it, detail, logic, efficiency and she is a lover of domestic animals, sometimes they can seem very cold, since they find it hard to show their feelings.

The Virgo man, is characterized by being very precise, absolutely conventional and for having a reserved attitude, they are lovers of the cleanliness, observant and very patient and sometimes they can give the impression of being superficial; but the reality of as they are, you are going to find it in this article, so do not stop reading.

All about Virgo Man personality

virgo´s man

The Virgo man has admirable qualities, such as the desire to serve, the intention to always be ready to help those in need and his well-known generosity, when someone they know is in difficulty.

They also have an enormous intellect, which allows them to solve all kinds of problems, whether their own or those of others, as if it were a simple game of chess, in a profound and successful way.

Virgo men do not like to pretend something that is not, they are very cold and calculating, so sometimes they are capable of causing harm to people around them, without wanting to; they are very sensitive, but do not allow themselves to show their feelings, much less in public.

Virgo males are charming to the extent that they can sometimes seem a bit effeminate, which comes from their regent planet which is Virgo, although in reality they are not; they are very good husbands, excellent parents and very good friends.

The Virgo man and his personality

Men born in the female sign of Virgo, are usually very evasive people, have an open mind, but are somewhat shy, keep their thoughts very jealously, so it is very difficult to get to know them which makes them mysterious and enigmatic people.

The Virgo man, is usually very intelligent, has much imagination, likes to spend many of the hours of his day philosophizing on many topics, which for others are irrelevant and think about it only for small moments.

Their personality is one of the most organized that there is, they also like to be practical at all times, they do not like difficult or complicated things, they avoid as much as possible all complex situations that are presented to them and they love everything that is minimalist.

The taste for philosophizing for long periods of time, allows Virgo natives, much capacity for psychology, as they are able to see and feel many things that people of another but not even imagine, so they are very perceptive.

Men of the sign Virgo, are never satisfied with the things they do, until they check them a million times and are totally convinced that they are correct, because their personality is extremely perfectionist, so it demands them, which is not always good, since they leave many of the projects they start by virtue of the fact that they lose a lot of time in insignificant details which makes them lose interest at the end.

At work, their personality allows them to dedicate themselves to anything, but they are much better in areas such as analysis and deep thinking, and they also have many skills for strategy, planning and finance.

Virgos in love, hide their feelings very jealously, take their time to have confidence with someone and of course to fall in love, but when they do they are excellent lovers, perfect companions and the best accomplices.

How to make a virgo man fall in love with you

The Virgo man is something like a perfectionist, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. In fact, he can wait up to literally two years for the right person to come along. This puts you in a difficult situation because it is not about being a person you are not. The man of this sign may have a mental picture of his ideal partner, not to mention a detailed psychological profile.

So, who is this amazing individual?

As already mentioned this is a man who cares too much about his appearance, the same applies to the partner he has. He’s looking for a woman who is demanding in this regard. Nothing bothers this gentleman more than poor grooming or lack of hygiene. To attract his initial attention, you will have to look neatly dressed and groomed. Remember to take care of your personal hygiene!

 But don’t worry too much either, you can take time to go to the hairdresser’s and take care of how you look. After all, grooming and taking care of your appearance is a way to raise your self-esteem. But don’t feel bad if the Virgo man doesn’t look at you though, because sometimes his aspirations are too high.

He likes to help by nature

The man of this sign likes to help others, it is part of his nature. Most likely you will notice that at work he is the center of attention because he is dedicated to helping everyone. A great way to get his attention is to ask for his support in some task. However, keep in mind that he is unattractive when he is absent-minded or inefficient, so if you ask him for support it must be for a complex problem.

Once you’re talking to him, try to mention some charity you’ve done. Since the Virgo man likes to help, he expects his partner to be the same. In other words, he is a very charitable being; he will always want to participate in some fundraising activity. You know, with this idea in mind you could ask him out.

He loves his job.

The man of this sign loves his job and is very loyal to his employers. In this sense, you should know that it is best to avoid at all costs speaking ill of work or your bosses. Phrases such as “I hate my job”, “my boss is an asshole”, among others, will be frowned upon by the gentleman Virgo. He also does not like rude language or blasphemy, his notion of cleanliness extends to vocabulary.

In short, to talk about charity, work, love, work and more work is the right thing to do if you want to make a move on this man. Whether you think it’s boring to talk about your job or that it doesn’t make any sense, for Virgo it’s just the opposite. He will be happy to talk about it. Another thing you should know is that he is not very good at showing his emotions, so you may find it difficult to know whether he likes you or not.

Keep in mind that he doesn’t need to know what you think about his appearance or his qualities. It is unsentimental and simple. He prefers frank and direct language. It can be something like: “I’m going to a charity event on Friday. Would you like to go with me?” or “Would you like to go out on Thursday night? Simple and straight to the point.

The Perfect Date with a Virgo Man

I wasn’t joking about the act of charity, by the way. For the Virgo man a night of helping less fortunate people is really the perfect date. However, if you want to do something a little more romantic than helping out at a soup kitchen for a couple of hours, you can go to the theater. Since he loves everything about culture, he will find the evening very fulfilling.

The important thing and perhaps the most important thing is to never be late. Not even a little. For the Virgo, punctuality is a virtue and not being on time is an unforgivable mistake.

What should I wear to attract a Virgo man?

The gentleman of this sign likes clothes in subtle shades. Nothing bright or extravagant. Cream and brown tones should always be in your color palette when it comes to clothing. Important! Personal hygiene. You like fresh aromas that represent cleanliness. Take care that your shoes are clean and your hairstyle is in order.

Gifts to give a Virgo man

Generally, cultured, Virgo man will appreciate the gift of a book. They do not give in to financial extravagance, so they will appreciate the monetary restriction of this relatively cheap gift. By selecting a book, you avoid anything of poor quality. You can opt for poetry, something literary or educational. Personal care products are welcome. Virgo doesn’t see anything effeminate about bath salts or a natural sea sponge.

How to keep a virgo man interested in you

To keep him hooked on you, you just have to be nice and decent. If you represent these two characteristics, not only for him, but also for the rest of the people, the Virgo will love you. He likes to keep his life private and any violation of this is considered a betrayal. It is difficult for him to live with someone who is careless or chaotic, everything around him must be in perfect condition and in order, including you.

No deception is involved

Well, you probably have the impression that the Virgo man is some kind of obsessive-compulsive and, that’s not too far from the truth. He likes everything to be clean and tidy, sometimes he can go to extremes with this desire. His behavior can sometimes be borderline neurotic and nervous.

How the Virgo man is in love?

The Virgo man is a born seducer, he exudes charm, he is capable of being irresistible, but against him plays the shyness and those fears that he does not want to share with anyone. Since he is more afraid of revealing his weaknesses than of loneliness, he sometimes prefers occasional lovers to stable partners. Until he finds the woman of his life.

To conquer a Virgo man and achieve a lasting relationship you have to let him breathe, but also pamper him, find that balance between individual and shared space. But above all, the Virgo man needs to trust, so honesty and sincerity will be the first qualities you look for in your ideal partner.

What signs is the Virgo man compatible?

Aries woman

There is little compatibility between the Virgo man and the Aries woman because they are both energetic and vitalistic, but they employ their efforts in very different ways. However, they can reach a fairly prosperous common ground if both set their minds to it.

Taurus woman

The Virgo man finds the ideal partner in the Taurus woman, in a relationship that will be marked by sincerity and loyalty. Both are earth signs, so they have a way of seeing life.

Gemini woman

There is an average compatibility between these two signs, which are in principle very different, but which can solve their problems intelligently. Couples formed by these two signs have to bet on sincere communication if they want to get somewhere.

Cancer woman

There is a very high compatibility between the Virgo man and the Cancer woman, in whom he finds the partner he is looking for. Both are sensitive and empathetic people who seek the well-being of the person in front of them, although they do not forget their priorities either.

Leo woman

The Virgo man, often shy and always in love with discretion, has very little compatibility with the Leo woman, with her overwhelming personality and very sociable. However, although their personalities are very different, they do not have everything lost.

Virgo woman

Compatibility is average for a Virgo man and a woman of the same sign. If in principle everything works out in your favour, the relationship can be damaged because both are very demanding.

Libra woman

The Virgo man has an average compatibility with the Libra woman, with whom he can form either a stormy relationship marked by arguments, or a balanced relationship that is enriched by differences.

Scorpio woman

There is little compatibility between these two signs that can attract but not understand each other. Scorpio tends to be a fresher and more changeable person than Virgo, who is much more comfortable with the stability of an unchanging life.

Sagittarius woman

Although compatibility is low between Virgo men and Sagittarius women, the relationship can be a success because of the adaptability of both signs. Nothing is impossible!

Capricorn woman

The Capricorn woman is the perfect partner for the Virgo man because both are guided by a realistic vision and practice sincerity in the relationship. Both tend to be calm and quiet people who prefer to be guided by the head rather than by impulses.

Aquarius woman

There is very little compatibility, astrological and character, between these two signs that are doomed to be misunderstood. Virgo hates the spontaneous character of Aquarius and cannot understand why Virgo takes so long to make decisions.

Pisces woman

Although astrologically they are two opposite signs, the Virgo man can find in the Pisces woman that stable and lasting couple. Long live love!

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