The Gemini Man: His Personality

If we have to describe the Gemini man the first thing we have to say is that he is usually extremely attractive. Mercury gives to the natives of this sign a particular and brilliant beauty, which is characterized by a luminous look and a thin and fast body.

gemini man

And although some ascendants may generate some overweight Gemini, the truth is that Mercurians tend to be generally agile and a little taller than average. Although they can also be very short or very obese, because as the astrologer Linda Goodman explains, with twins you never know and it is that they are twins but not identical, but opposite.

What does this mean? Well, that many Gemini people combine in their gestures or their features remarkable contradictions. For example, they can have black hair and yellow locks, or they can be very thin and have very strong legs and even a little fat. Because Gemini implies, in most cases, a contradictory character or features.

For example, a famous Geminian like Rodolfo Valentino was one of the first and most famous objects of female desire in the early days of the star system and yet he was openly gay and also obviously female. This type of contradiction is very common among the natives of the sign, it is as if they were sending two opposite messages about themselves.

10 Gemini´s Man characteristics

He has the gift to convince the other or change his mind

Another characteristic of the Gemini is that they are the best promoters in the world, they sell anything, there is no way to say no to a Gemini who wants to convince you of something, not for anything his regent god was Mercury, who as well as being a messenger of the Gods, was at the same time (and don’t ask me why) the god of merchants and swindlers. And we can also find that in the sign of the twins.

That is to say, either they are of an almost religious honesty or if they are badly looked after they can rule the typical used car salesmen of the American movies.

He has an enviable smile

Another remarkable feature that allows recognizing a Gemini man, is that unless they have an ascendant that makes them opposition, they usually are of smile and easy laughter. This is often accompanied by an enormous sense of humor and a certain propensity to make jokes and cracks.

He is intelligent and has a sense of humour: But of course, we must always remember that we are dealing with a dual and disconcerting being and it is also possible that he disguises himself with unshakable seriousness, but this will be a disguise, because the intelligence of Gemini, fast and curious, in almost one hundred percent of the cases, is adorned with a remarkable sense of humour.

He likes to write

Gemini is also the sign of writers, and although this was already stated by the ancients, a study conducted in the United Kingdom in 2007 concluded that it was the sign where writers were most abundant, even today. Linda Goodman maintained that it is the sign that most used pseudonyms among writers.

Another characteristic of a Gemini man is that he is not one to be afraid, but quite the opposite, of intelligent women. A Gemini constantly needs to overcome intellectual challenges and is bored by simple women or those with little intellectual or philosophical curiosity, as Gemini loves to share thoughts and reflections and enjoys people who can follow him.

They are scattered

It is easy to be late for appointments because you are distracted along the way or change your plans in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, this can also happen in terms of their love interests, which can vary from one moment to the next and without much explanation.

He is neither jealous nor macho: And although this small detail makes him very fearful, the truth is that it is rare to find a macho Gemini man, since his great intellectual agility prevents him from maintaining archaic or closed positions. A jealous Gemini will also be very rare, but even rarer will be one who tolerates a partner who is.

He has an attractive look

Part of the wonderful charm that emanates from a Gemini man comes from his restless and curious look as a child, whose eyes seem to smile in fascination before the beauty of life and which is a characteristic of those who bathe under the sidereal emanations of Mercury.

He is a devoted father and not at all authoritarian: As parents, the Gemini will be their children’s sidekicks, but a mother can get frustrated if she expects a Gemini father to be the one to impose discipline, because that will not happen.

His not too affective

And if Gemini is not precisely the most authoritarian sign of the Zodiac, the same happens if many hugs, cuddles or caresses are expected, because Gemini is not one of those. His way of distributing affection is not characterized by excessive physical contact.

How to attract a gemini man

Gemini men, like other air signs such as Aquarius, tend to maintain a fairly liberal attitude towards love, they are not jealous and expect to be treated equally by their partner, they do not tolerate possessive behavior or emotional blackmail, so if you want to know how to make him fall in love and keep his interest, you must show yourself as an independent woman with mental concerns, have good conversation and interests that show you are a prolific person intellectually speaking.

Gemini is considered to be one of the dual signs of the zodiac, that is, they can show facets of their personality that are opposite or contradictory to those who treat them and that show in their way of being or acting, as happens with other signs that also show these characteristics such as the sign of libra, being able to go from emotional frugality to extreme sentimentality when they are in a situation.

The Gemini man is not characterized by being extremely sentimental, so when he exploits this facet unexpectedly he usually surprises his partners or sentimental companions, because an inherent facet of his personality is to provoke reactions in people when they least expect it by adopting extreme attitudes or behaviors if they consider it necessary.

The reason for such performances may be to study those around them or for simple entertainment, because these natives cannot stand routine and their restless minds drive them to provoke extreme situations to bring out the best and worst in people before they become bored.

How to make a Gemini Man fall in love with you?

Conversation is key when it comes to putting into practice how to conquer a Gemini man, since men of this sign are great conversationalists and have their feminine sense quite developed, so in many they tend to question women in the same way that any friend could, Without overshadowing his masculinity, in fact, the Gemini man is a born seducer, but unlike the impetuous Sagittarius, who uses the heat of his fire to dazzle his conquests, his style is more serpentine and catches you and twists you without you even realizing it.

Twins are flirtatious and tend to be very careful about their personal appearance, so they will value this quality in their partners as well.

They also do not like stridencies too much, and although their innate curiosity and desire to experiment sometimes make them feel attracted to extreme personalities, when looking for a partner they seek emotional stability above all, especially in the intellectual sphere, so before taking the step they will make sure beforehand that the other person shares their same points of view on important issues such as education and childcare.

In order to know how to win over a Gemini man, it is advisable that you interact with him as he makes himself known, for generally they have a very good memory and remember all the details, so offering too much information at the beginning can lead them to create a hasty profile of your personality, because this sign also has a certain tendency to preconceived ideas and to label people, partly because of their analytical ability and speed in assimilating data, but sometimes they make mistakes and can fall into superficial prejudices that have nothing to do with reality.

Unlike other natives who need space to meet their individual needs with their group of friends without including their partner, the Gemini man can be the ideal companion as long as he finds a partner who is in the same mind-set and as restless as he is when it comes to learning and taking an interest in things, a quality you can take advantage of to win him over if you do a little research into his interests and propose activities to do together that involve some intellectual work.

Spending a day with your Gemini man will help you get to know him better and familiarize yourself with the changing facet of his personality. We also guarantee that you won’t be bored in his company, since this boy can be the typical class clown and the teacher’s right eye at the same time. Through his sympathy and charisma, as well as his sensitive analytical skills that allow him to know exactly the people and what they expect or want from others.

Establishing a bond of trust is a fundamental part of falling in love with a Gemini man, because these natives find it difficult to put themselves in the situation and only open up in intimacy, so you should not expect him to eat you up in a public place, but when you are alone you will probably be surprised by his “outbursts” of passion, because although it is not the usual tone of his behaviour, the need to explore and experience new sensations in himself and in others induces him to behave differently, since they are of the opinion that if you want to obtain other results you cannot always do the same thing, and that is precisely the strategy you should adopt with him.

How the Gemini man is in love?

The Gemini man is marked by duality, also in love. It is not difficult to conquer a Gemini man, the most difficult thing is to live with him and his twin. Sometimes affectionate, sometimes cold, their life as a couple is characterized by a “what I give you now, I’ll take away later”.

His great charm, his personality and his social skills make the Gemini man one of the most suggestive and attractive signs of the zodiac. It is difficult to resist the charms of a Gemini, but we will have to live pending that double inner essence that does not cease to cause confusion.

What signs is the Gemini man compatible?

Aries woman

There is an average compatibility between Aries and Gemini that makes them work much better as a couple of friends than as a sentimental couple.

Taurus woman

Compatibility is not very high between the disorganized Gemini man and the schematism of the Taurus woman.

Gemini woman

It’s one of the best sentimental combinations of the zodiac. A woman of the same sign is the only one capable of understanding the fickle and dual character of the Gemini man.

Cancer woman

There is not much compatibility between Gemini and Cancer despite being opposite signs where the opposite poles do not work.

Leo woman

Compatibility is high with a Leo woman because both are passionate about fun and adventure. A relationship where the attraction never wanes.

Virgo woman

There is an average compatibility between these two signs in which the love relationship can be affected by the lack of communication.

Libra woman

There is so much compatibility between a Gemini man and a Libra woman that the relationship is marked by an invincible magic touch.

Scorpio woman

The relationship of a Gemini man with a Scorpio woman is poorly compatible and marked by arguments and conflicts.

Sagittarius woman

Although astrologically they are two opposing signs, the relationship could work because they both share a love of freedom and space.

Capricorn woman

The impulsive Gemini doesn’t look good in organized Capricorn. One of the least likely combinations with no compatibility.

Aquarius woman

The Gemini man has a great compatibility with the Aquarius woman because they both share the same vital approaches. They are an ideal couple.

Pisces woman

Although they share their crazy vision of life, the Gemini man does not lose sight of reality, while the Pisces woman lives in her cloud of dreams. Average compatibility for this couple that if they want success will have to make a double effort.

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