Signs An Aquarius Man Is Falling In Love with You

The Aquarian man is fascinating, that is known by anyone who is interested in astrology, perhaps it is so fascinating because the world we live in resembles this sign, curious, revolutionary, communicative, original and breaking.

Aquarius man

The 12 most common characteristics of the Aquarius Man

Now, recognizing Aquarius can be hard work these days. When Linda Goodman described the personality of the signs of the zodiac, she said that you could recognize Aquarius by his extravagant air, his non-conformist dress and his overly original use of shoes.

Because at that time the Aquarian temperament was beginning to take over all the spaces. You could recognize him because maybe he was a vegan, he liked to wear extravagant sandals and impossible haircuts, preferably dressed in bright and unusual colors like blue or deep green.

1) A typical Aquarian would probably be a mobile phone user and would be on his skateboard with a laptop full of stickers under his arm. However, if you stop to think about it today, in any city in the world it might seem to you that all men, or most men, are Aquarius.

Many will have long beards and unusual tattoos. But since Aquarius is a maverick, it will be rare in this Aquarian age for Aquarius to necessarily walk like this, and it is more likely that the contemporary Aquarian will walk discreetly or dressed in a jacket and tie.

The fact is that Aquarius resents not being able to distinguish between people, and today, when the Aquarian spirit is at ease in the streets, it is likely that Aquarius wants to differentiate himself. Then he will no longer be the Hipster he could have been in previous years when that outfit still meant rebellion.

2) That’s not to say that he’s closed-minded, that’s hardly ever going to happen with a typical Aquarius who tends to be more broad-minded than most people. It will be very rare to see an Aquarian defending some position with intolerance or fanaticism, since his mental acuity and his capacity of analysis prevent him from falling into rigid or limited positions.

3) Although he does not like to discuss his positions much, this does not mean that he gives in easily, he has very fixed ideas (that is why it is a fixed sign) but he does not like to impose them on others and he likes even less to have them try to impose them on him. It’s more about going along with it and going off on a tangent than trying to convince someone of his point of view.

4) And a magic note about this sign is that it has a certain capacity for premonition, and if an Aquarius happens to tell you to be careful that it might rain this afternoon, even though it is the middle of summer and the sun is shining, take your umbrella with you, and you will probably get it right. Of course, it is also probable that, as you are very curious and avid readers, you have read it on the social medias..

5) An unusual feature that Uranus gives this sign is a certain sexual ambiguity in some physical features. It can be a man with very delicate hands or a woman with a strong chin. Uranus gives the natives of this sign some hermaphroditic trait in their physique. They also tend to have an aristocratic appearance, such as a certain elegance in their gestures. It is also famous the ability of Aquarius to reassure nervous people or sympathize with children.

6) A very typical feature of men of this sign is not to let you guess their intentions. It is as if they enjoy surprising others, which is why sometimes it is so difficult to make an appointment with them. If you are getting to know an Aquarius, don’t be impatient or take it to heart that he doesn’t want to meet you, this is very difficult for Uranians.

7) Their curiosity leads them to participate in the most diverse personal adventures. It will be easy for you to find an Aquarius man attending a talk about the application of MindFulness in the education of children or about ways to recycle plastic so as not to continue to pollute the oceans. The typical Aquarius man has an enormous humanistic vocation and will try to get involved in things that he feels can contribute to the construction of a better society.

8) And that yes, it will have many friends, since to Aquarius it likes the groups and although not all that great amount of friends who have are intimate, the certain thing is that its pair will have to tolerate them because to Aquarius it likes much the variety. And it will also be important for him to feel that the person with whom he chooses to share his life is above all his friend, since this sign values above all things friendship, so an Aquarius couple will have to tolerate that he is probably a friend of his exes too.

9) A typical Aquarius man will also be a lover of technology, social networks and the sea of internet, which will be the real aquarium in which this sign will swim.

10) A very Aquarian characteristic is its gaze, which can dissect you attentively or go on to travel to very distant planets making you feel totally relegated. Don’t worry, it’s the mood of the sign, it’ll come back… but it has to explore other galaxies.

11) Aquarius needs its space all the time. He needs to feel totally free and there is nothing that can horrify him more or prevent him from starting a relationship than the perception that they want to clip his wings. Never, at the beginning of a relationship with Aquarius, should he be asked for explanations or opinions about his friends or his hobbies, because he can run away.

12) Nor should you think that with time and confidence you can do this; there is nothing more frightening to Aquarius than the slightest possibility that a relationship with another person will restrict his vital freedom and his desire to explore the world.

How to make an aquarius man fall in love with you

Conquering an Aquarian man may not be easy, for the first thing to do is to be able to take him out of his world of dreams and abstract disquisitions and bring him down to the earthly world. This is one of the possibilities.

However, you have the possibility of being the one who goes up into that world of ideas and tries to find him there. Either formula can be effective, but in both cases you will have a hard job to do.

In any case, let’s go a little deeper into this explanation so that you have no doubt what you have to do to win the love of an Aquarius man.

How is the ideal woman Aquarius man?

The ideal woman for the man aquarius is one who can be led by the intuition of his partner in important decisions without involving any doubts or questions of any kind.

That is why dominant women and seeking to have everything clear and planned usually do not get along with Aquarius men, because they want to decide their own affairs independently, and sometimes the couple is involved.

Another fundamental aspect that the ideal aquarium woman possesses, is that she has an insatiable interest for the intellectual contribution. Thanks to this, the couple will be able to spend hours discussing different metaphysical issues without getting bored, each one learning from the other.

That is why the ideal aquarium man’s wife must have, on the one hand, a great interest in knowledge, and at the same time, the ability to speak without problems, be eloquent and communicative. In this sense, women who seek intellectual input but prefer silence may not be the best option for an Aquarius man.

On the other hand, the ideal woman for the Aquarius man is one who does not focus much on feelings and does not describe the relationship in emotional terms. If he does, he does it from a romantic perspective, intellectualizing the feelings. That is why it is preferable to approach the sentimental issue from a less emotional and more intellectual perspective.

Finally, it is important to mention that the ideal Aquarius man’s woman must be female, since the Aquarius man tends to idealize everything, he also does it with the woman, and it is complicated for them to get to fall in love with a woman who is below the patterns he has created for himself (although sometimes these patterns are too high).

How to seduce an Aquarius man? This is What you have to do

Once we understand which is the ideal woman for the aquarium man, we can more comfortably face the task of what to do to make him fall in love.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1) First, do not try to be overly dominant, as that is something that will cut the wings to aquarius. Generally, Aquarius prefers to be followed than to follow someone, except in situations where the leadership is very clear (I insist, very clear).

The fact that you’re a very planning person and that you want to count on your partner in your plans at all times will make Aquarius feel frustrated, so don’t try to involve him unless he tells you he wants to be involved.

In fact, let him do it. If he decides something by counting on you, do the activity with him. If you don’t like it, tell him later, but first, do the activity.

2) Another aspect that you must work on if you want to make an aquarius man fall in love is to bring intellectual value to the relationship. If at the moment you only see each other at work or in the class, try to bring him conversations that satiate his intellectual interest.

This is one of the elements that work best to make an aquarium man fall in love, since he values this very positively and will notice that, in the case you have a relationship, he will be able to satiate his intellectual interests from your hand.

3) Another important element is that you are eloquent and talkative, outgoing. You may have a great interest in intellectual matters, but if you are not able to talk about them and discuss them openly with Aquarius, you will not succeed in making him fall in love. Aquarius needs conversation, not a highly introspective person.

You must also try to be much more intellectual in analyzing your feelings and the different events you go through. In other words, don’t try to tell him how you feel from an emotional level, but take it to the intellectual level, making it more practical.

This may be difficult for those signs which do not tend to do so naturally, but it is indispensable if you want to get to know an Aquarian man, because they are not especially given to deepening emotional matters.

4) Another aspect that you must take care is to present yourself as a female. If you are the typical person who thinks a lot and considers that what goes on the outside is not especially important, you should start changing your attitude in this regard, because Aquarius values sensuality and femininity very much.

In this sense, try to dress up more when you are with him, moderate your gestures and habits to make them more suitable to the idealization of the woman that Aquarius has made. This may seem serious to you, because it implies losing part of your personality, but if you want to make an aquarius man fall in love, this is one of the best practices.

With these tips, it is highly probable that you will manage to make him fall in love.

How to make an Aquarius man fall in love: What you don’t have to do

Having clarified what one has to do to learn how to conquer an Aquarius man, it is easy to understand what one should not do under any circumstances.

Let’s detail it below so that you do not have any doubt:

1) If you have a tendency to dominate relationships, the last thing you want to do to attract an Aquarius man is to promote this aspect. Try to lower it, not raise it. And don’t try to stay in your orbit of continuous planning either, because Aquarius doesn’t tolerate that.

If you think that what you have to do to seduce an Aquarius man is to show him your long-term plans on any issue, you are wrong, especially if those plans involve him.

2) Another aspect that can hinder your process to make him fall in love, is not to let yourself go when he wants it. If he wants to do an activity and you tell him that you don’t like it and, therefore, won’t do it, you will be taking steps backwards on your path to falling in love.

As we have already said, the best option is for you to do the activity, and then, if you don’t like it, tell him so. In this way, he will value your interest in doing it, but he will not propose it again because he knows you have not liked it.

3) Nor should you deal with topics that are not intellectually interesting. That is, if you are a fan of realitie shows and you usually talk about them with your friends, try to put that part of you away when you are with an aquarium.

Instead, try to train yourself in other subjects, such as philosophy or art, elements that aquarius values much more positively, and which will provide you with topics of conversation than dealing with it.

4) Another element you should make disappear is to be quiet and introverted. For example, if the aquarium boy you like is part of your group of friends, don’t try to keep quiet in group conversations, even if that is your way.

Participate, talk, laugh, show yourself as you are. This may be difficult for some signs, but it is certainly one of the best ways to attract an aquarium man. They prefer extroversion, so you can’t just sit around waiting for him to take an interest in you. That’s unlikely to happen.

5) Nor should you try to take everything to an emotional level. You can do it sometime, but try to look at everything from a slightly cooler perspective

and practice. This is something that Aquarius will value positively and allow you to communicate better with him.

6) Finally, don’t try to put your ideals of what is important inside before your interest in falling in love with him. This can lead to not taking care of yourself enough, so that people do not see how feminine you can be. And, as we have already mentioned, for Aquarius it is important that the woman is a woman, because he has her idealized and he feels attracted to women who are like he imagines.


Aquarius is a sign that tends to be somewhat impetuous and to live in the world of ideas, being imaginative and creative, so its relationship with reality is not as marked as in other signs.

In addition, he is extroverted and eloquent, although sometimes he needs periods of peace and relaxation, dedicating that time to himself to recover from so much hustle and bustle in the real world, which he considers less important than that of ideas. Therefore, if you want to conquer an Aquarius man, you must take into account all these aspects and the others that we have dealt with throughout this article, because, otherwise, the relationship will be doomed to failure due to the impossibility of understanding his character.

With what signs is the Aquarian man compatible in love?

Since we often do not understand well the reason for the breakup of a couple, we have been investigating the forces that are not in our power.

The horoscope governs the paths of love, and the compatibility between the signs of the zodiac has much to say about the success or failure of a relationship. Discover with which signs the Aquarius man is compatible thanks to the horoscope.

What signs is the Aquarian man compatible with?

With an Aries woman

It has a medium compatibility because, although they understand each other perfectly, they work better as a couple of friends. They understand and know how to listen to each other, but they are not right when it comes to relationships.

With a Taurus woman

Compatibility is low because the Taurus woman likes to be in control, while the Aquarius man prefers to improvise. They are two very different people who can end up pulling each other’s hair if they try not to see reality.

With a Gemini woman

It has a very high compatibility because they have complementary visions of life. These two zodiacal signs share the same perception of everyday life and how your partner should be.

With a Cancer woman

There is not much compatibility in this couple in which the spontaneity of the Aquarius man is confronted with the rigidity of the Cancer woman. However, when they both strive to make things work out, they manage to fall in love very deeply.

With a Leo woman

Although astrologically they are two opposite signs, there is a great compatibility in this couple in which they admire each other. Even though they are very different, they manage to build a very strong relationship.

With a Virgo woman

Little compatibility and an unpromising future is that of this couple marked by different natures. Aquarius can’t handle the slow-witted character of Virgo.

With a Libra woman

It is one of the best love combinations of the zodiac because both love freedom and independence and know how to respect each other’s spaces. Libra and Aquarius are two signs that make very good friends because both are willing to listen and understand each other.

With a Scorpio woman

It has very little compatibility and the result is a relationship plagued by arguments and disagreements. The only way she’ll get ahead is if you both do your part.

With a Sagittarius woman

Compatibility is high because they are very similar signs in a relationship where neither is interested in dominating or controlling the other. However, you will have to make an effort to overcome some obstacles that you both put up because of your different way of being.

With a Capricorn woman

There is an average compatibility in this couple so different that they may come to love each other unconditionally or hate each other. There seems to be no middle ground between the two.

With an Aquarius woman

There is a lot of compatibility between two Aquarius, plus a lot of understanding, tolerance and complicity. Two Aquarians manage to form a very solid couple that resists the blows of life without losing their smile.

With a Pisces woman

Compatibility is average with a Pisces woman who needs more commitment in the relationship than the Aquarius man is willing to give. Until they reach an agreement, even without talking about it, they have nothing to do.

We hope you’ve learned more about this sign of the zodiac. Don’t hesitate to leave your comment for any doubt you may have

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