How to Tell If Your Boyfriend or Husband Is Cheating On You For Sure: 10 Clear Signs

There are obvious signs that give away men who are cheating on their partners, and we should all know what they are.

You’ve been noticing your partner’s behavior lately. You don’t really know what’s wrong with him. You start to think that his strange behavior is due to a third person. Infidelity. Every day it becomes clearer to you. However, you still don’t have any clear evidence that he is cheating on you with someone else.

Well, don’t worry, dear reader. There are signs that give away all infidels. If you really want to find out if your partner is having an affair or a lover, read on. If not, you’d better get off the page. You know what eyes that don’t see, heart that doesn’t feel

One piece of unsolicited advice: always trust your intuition. Doubts do not appear by themselves

If you still have doubts when you reach the end of the article, we offer you an unsolicited piece of advice: trust your intuition. Doubts do not appear by themselves. In addition, the key to a successful relationship is based on mutual trust. If you’ve reached the point of looking online for “signs of infidelity,” it’s a bad plan.

Quit, or talk about it seriously. Always trust your feelings and what is best for you. And think that there are many fish in the sea and that many times you have to give up something that does not make you happy at all.

Having said that, here is what we have come to:

10 signs a man is cheating on you

1) He is distant

One of the clearest signs of infidelity is the emotional distance shown by the person who is cheating on his or her partner. He is suddenly withdrawn or depressed. He has nothing to say, he talks just enough and seems not to care how his day went even for the person he shares a roof with.

Cheaters go from being attentive, close and trustworthy individuals to the opposite. If you have noticed that your love is distant lately, he does not write/look/play as before, beware.

And, be careful, the unfaithful does not have this distance with the people around him. In fact, the opposite is true: he becomes more loving with the others around him, whether they are friends, co-workers, parents or children.

2) Everything seems wrong to him

He gets angry or criticizes everything. He can even be quite cruel with his comments. You always have the same routine and suddenly he finds it bad. Or maybe the series you were watching together now bores him and he prefers to be on his cell phone or absorbed in “his” things.

    He gets angry or criticizes everything, and can even be quite cruel with his comments

If you’ve noticed that your partner has been grumbling about everything he used to like, and won’t accept any new plans, there’s a good chance he’s hitting on you.

3) He thinks you control him

The third point on the list of signs of infidelity is the issue of control. Often infidels complain that their partner is controlling them, when they themselves are the ones trying to control everything around them so they don’t get caught.

Be clear, reader, that cheaters are under great stress: to the nerves of not being found out about the affair are added the classic fears and remorse. However, this is something that those who have already cheated more than once do very well.

So if you start to notice that your partner feels that you are controlling him, or that he suddenly feels bad about you asking him what he is doing or what time he is going to get home, bad plan.

4) He thinks that you are unfaithful

Maluma said it in one of her songs, “if you do it, you imagine it.” The unfaithful believe that their partner cheats on them, and they make many comments about it or suddenly show jealousy with the people around their love.

    Cheaters believe their partner cheats on them, and make many comments about it

If you’ve noticed lately that your partner is worried about you dressing differently, about who you’re dating, who writes to you or is jealous of someone around you… be suspicious. The thief thinks everyone is his or her own, don’t forget.

He’s very concerned about who you date

5) He changed his habits

The fifth and clearest sign is that he has changed his habits. For example, he now leaves work late, has a lot of travel, has joined the gym or has a new paddleball team. Weird, weird, dude.

Also, and what’s worse, he doesn’t realize that he spends less and less time with you, he even seems to care. “That’s the way it is, love.” He runs away.

6) He gets better

Your partner now pays special attention to his appearance. He buys new clothes, has lost weight, gets dressed up, goes to the gym, looks in the mirror more… These are clear signs that he likes someone, and that that someone is not you.

7) He has new tastes

Your love has more energy now for life in general. He does new things, listens to different music and has a sudden interest in a hobby or sport that he didn’t even know existed before.

You ask him about it and he replies with hesitation or directly lies: “No, it’s a book that Fulanito told me about…” or “I’ve always liked flamenco” are phrases that put you on your guard. You know it’s not like that. When one is unfaithful one usually feels devotion to the interests of his new illusion, and wants to participate in them.

8) He is careful with his cell phone use

He’s never been jealous of his smartphone, but for weeks now he’s been getting tense when it vibrates or smiles at the screen in a strange way. He also turns it upside down when you’re next to him or gets nervous and blocks it if you get too close. If so, be clear: at least he’s being micro-infaithful, that is, when one person feels desire or attraction for another, they fool around, talk, but it hasn’t turned into anything carnal.

    He’s never been jealous with his smartphone but for weeks he’s been getting tense when it vibrates

One thing that many cheaters do is mute conversations from WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram, so they don’t get the ads on the screen. We’re not telling you to look at his cell phone, far from it, which is also a crime, but if you notice that he suddenly has five new notifications and none of them have jumped on screen, it can be for two reasons: he’s his lover or a group he has silenced.

9) Asks for more privacy

For a few days now, your partner has had an obsessive need for “privacy” and to stay up until late at night to work on the computer or read on the mobile. And what’s even more suspicious: he doesn’t give you any explanation of what he’s doing.

All of this creates a gulf between you that is hard to bridge, and can be a sure sign of infidelity, as cheaters often need to isolate themselves from their partner as much as possible.

10) Sex is different

Other signs of infidelity include noticing something different about the sex life of the two. It may have gone better or worse. Or that it was once very abundant and now scarce, or the other way around. This is a clear sign that your partner is not sleeping alone with you.

    Cheaters always change their sexual attitude towards their partner: some show more interest and others less

Infidels do not react in the same way with the sexual issue: some feel guilty so they show more desire, others suddenly feel no attraction for their partner, there are those who are always tired, there are others who suddenly want to try new things… That’s where your intuition plays, reader.

And that’s it. Have we got you out of it? Do you think we’re missing any signs? Tell us about it.

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